The following lies, myths, and fake news items about audio are like a modern Dracula that needs to be put down for good.

It all started when…


 Myth: Vocals Can Be Removed From a Mix.

Myth: Mastering is just normalizing the files.

Myth: Record at 16-bit because you’re going there anyway when you make the CD.

Myth: The Mixing Engineer Can Master The Record.

Myth: DAW works at floating point so you can’t clip/distort them.

Myth: You need to record as hot as possible to use up all the bits in digital audio.

Myth: Radio Ready is a Professional Term

Myth: iLOK is a great copy protection scheme

Myth: Louder CDs sell more copies.

Myth: I need a LOUD master to compete when Streaming.

Myth: CDs have information about song titles that show up in the computer.

Myth: MP3s can be reconstituted into full-content WAV files.

Myth: I Need MP3s to upload to my aggregator.

Myth: WeTransfer is a professional file service.

Myth: Mastering is a racquet. 

Myth: You can book your release party before mastering is done.

Myth: You can give your mastering engineer one song a month for a year and your 12 song-album will sound totally ok and your mastering engineer won’t murder you.

Myth: Coffee is not a fundamental human right.

Myth: You have a copy of Reaper/Abelton/Studio 1 and you’re a producer.

Myth: Plug-in models of hardware sound just like the hardware.

Myth: Every EQ plug in sounds different.

Myth: Different CD Brands Sound Different.