Mastering Rates

Excellence is not a commodity.  

Mastering is not like buying white vinegar - any brand is the same as another - this is important

You have one chance to make a great impression, make sure your audio has been finished by a professional, full-time mastering engineer.

We have invested in excess of six-figures on: gear, acoustics, travel, education, maintenance and the things that go into this craft.  Collaborate with us and put the proper finishing touch on your project.  

Every project is different. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular situation.  In general, we offer package (see lower part of this section) or a la carte pricing to suit your needs.

Our rates assume a standard 3 to 5 minute song. If your genre has different standards, talk to us. For example, punk commonly has 2 minute tracks, while classical could have 12 minute pieces. Instructional or audio books are also different.

Mastering can begin once payment is complete.

  1. This is industry standard best-practice

  2. The evaluation versions are full-resolution master files (we do not watermark)

  3. Payment demonstrates commitment to the project

  4. Payment creates a sense of urgency here at the studio; we know you need the audio!

Indie Package Rates

`The majority of our clients are self-funded or independent artists.  We have crafted the following packages to balance cost versus required formats.  This provides only the formats you need while keeping the costs lower than hourly.



Mastering for CD and Digital Distribution: 

$75 per song.



Mastering for CD and Digital Distribution plus any two alt formats:

$100 per track



Mastering for CD and Digital Distribution plus all requested alt formats:

$125 per track

Industry Mastering Rates

$240 per hour - billed in quarter hour increments. Rush services and shipping available at additional charge. 

A La Carte Mastering Rates

Singles $95 (includes CD-quality WAV output)

Multiples: $85 per song (includes CD-quality WAV output and DDP file-set suitable for CD manufacturing).

Attended Sessions

 $450.00 / hr. 

  • Studio lock out, attended session

  • EQ, correction, loudness, and leveling in Mastering Suite

  • Multiple formats for outputs

Please estimate 3-5 hours to complete a 10 song album, depending on audio program specifics

For example, the typical cost for a 10 song album with minor revisions: $1900.

Alternate Formats

If your project requires alternate formats other than CD or basic digital distribution, we can create optimized versions listed below.  If you are unsure what each of these formats means or if you need it, there is a detailed discussion on our Mastering Formats Page.

Vinyl premasters - $15 per song

Radio masters (from provided mixes, where swear-words are not in the mix) - $10 per song

Cassette masters (in digital output) - $10 per song

Instrumental masters (from provided mixes) - $10 per song

High Resolution Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) - $10 per song

MP3/AAC made from high-resolution sources - $ 5 per song

Sequencing / META data only - $30 to $50 per song

N.B. Instrumental/Radio/Alt edits must be supplied by the mixing engineer.   Alt mixes received after mastering is complete are billed at the standard rate. Remixes are billed as new songs. Requested remixes are not. Please contact us with any questions.

Stem Mastering (sometimes called separation mastering)

In general, we only ask for stems (sub mixes of individual elements, e.g. drums, guitars, vocals, backing vocals, bass, etc.) on rare occasions where that approach will resolve an issue in a manner that best suits the project’s needs. We believe in a separation of church and state (so to speak) between mixing and mastering. There are different listening skills required for mixing compared with mastering and each is a separate, specialized field. We go out of our way to ridicule mixing engineers who claim “and of course I can master your track in house.” That said, a few times a year a client comes to us where they are at the end of the creative sidewalk and ask us to master from provided stems. In these cases, we may agree to the project.

Stem Mastering - Starting at $125 per song, increased depending on complexity. Output format is digital distribution and / or DDP. All other formats additional. Please contact us if you’re interested in this method.

Audio Transfer and Audio Restoration Rates

Every project is different. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your particular situation.  We use the finest analog to digital converters, cabling, workstations and do each transfer by hand.  

Industry Restoration Hourly Rates

$240 per hour - billed in quarter hour increments. Rush services and shipping available at additional charge.    Minimum hourly fees apply.