Treelady Takes Delivery of Large Format Sony Console

Treelady Studios has taken delivery of a Sony MXP-3036 large format recording console. The console was shipped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it had been the centerpiece of the studio owned by the VIOLENT FEMMES.

The Sony MXP-3000 console is an inline console. The frame is exceptionally rigid and supports user interchangeable, application specific modules. Operation convenience and sonic performance were two major design criteria.

The MXP-3000 is probably the quietest console ever built in its size range. It's use ofโ€“ SONY MXP-3000 Series -

* Oxygen free copper wiring * All good circuit connections * Five (5) equalizer modules (two additional from third parties) * Four (4) Sony mic preamps (two additional from third parties). * Three (3) metering systems * Two (2) levels of automation. (plus JL Cooper, Flying Faders, GML and Uptown automation) * Transformered or transformerless I/O modules * "Wild" automated stereo faders * Two (2) communications modules

The desk was installed by Randy Blevins of Blevins Audio, Nashville, Tennessee.