Norman Connors to Produce at Treelady Studios

Legendary R&B production Norman Connors has agreed to terms that will bring him to Treelady Studios for as many as two projects this year. Both albums feature well-known local singers. The first project features Patty Terrel, and will begin production in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Sheena B, another local vocalist could be working on a new album with Mr. Connors at the helm. Norman Connors has a long and respected career as a musician, producer, and song writer. The former Vice President of Motowconnors3n Records, Mr. Connors has been credited with discovering Phyllis Hymann, as well as many other smooth R&B singers. His hit single, "You Are My Starship" is still in rotation on radio stations and satellite radio. Born in Philadelphia, PA, Mr. Connors is a drummer by birth. While in middle school, young Connors sat in for Elvin Jones at a John Coltrane concert. He later went on to study music at the prestigious Julliard Academy as well as at Temple University.