Treelady Mixes Tracks for Rock Band

Producer Clause Trelby recently visited Treelady to work with Dave Hidek and Garrett Haines on a new project. The task involved remixing hit songs from THE KILLERS and FALL OUT BOY for a new video game called Rock Band. The interactive game, backed by M-TV will allow users to play guitar, drums, bass, or sing their favorite hit songs. Specifically, the trio worked on "Arms Race" by FALL OUT BOY and "When You Were Young" by THE KILLERS. Noted Haines, "We were working from the original Pro Tools master files that the tracking and mix engineers used for the releases. Consequently, we got to hear alternate takes, bloopers, and unused tracks. All I'll say is there were some guitar tracks that were outstanding, but never made the final mix. I'm sure it was a production choice, but from an engineering standpoint, the tones and performances were heavenly - those guys have some serious six-string talent."

According to the manufacturer, ROCK BAND should be in stores for the Holiday shopping season.

Proposed cover for the new Rock Band video game.