Treelady Owner Quoted on Rupert Neve Site

A recent review by Treelady owner Garrett Haines is featured prominently on the manufacturer's site. Originally published in Tape Op Magazine, the review covers the Portico 5042 True-Tape Simulator. "What makes this device special is the miniature magnetic tape circuitry inside. There is an actual play head, reproduction head, transformers, everything. It is truly a miniature tape machine without the tape," noted Haines. "The 5042 was one of the key pieces of mastering gear I used on the Starlight Mints upcoming CD. The band and the mix engineer were really impressed with all of the analog richness the unit imparts," Haines concluded.

For individuals in the recording field, Rupert Neve is a household name. His recording devices have been used on countless records since the 1970's, including greats such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, and many more. Haines Quoted on Neve Site