EQ Magazine visits Treelady Studios

EQ Magazine is featuring Treelady Studios in an article and on its new Online EQ Television Video site. Chief Editor Matt Harper recently flew in from EQ’s San Francisco offices to film with the Treelady staff. Video topics covered include: multiple techniques for recording acoustic guitar. Drum micing techniques, and vocal mic demonstration using the Korby KAT, BLUE Bottle, and Neuman U87 – using the new VLZ pro preamps in the Mackie 1604 VLZ-Pro mixer. In addition to featuring Treelady Studios’ engineers, local recording artists will be used to provide real-world testing. Acoustic guitar singer / song writers include: Paul Luc, Mark Dignam, and Zack Prucnal (of the Mark Taylor Band). DeAnna Denning of Nashville, TN served as the vocalist for the mic shoot outs.

Editor Harper said,"In June of 2006, EQ Magazine selected Treelady Studios from a pool of the nation's top recording studios for a week-long residence. During this time, the award-winning recording publication and the Pittsburgh, PA-based studio collaborated on a series of instructional videos and articles that would populate the pages of the magazine (and its' associated web sites) for months to come. Chosen for it's state-of-the-art gear, award-winning staff, and full-service facilities, Treelady Studios was later featured in the long-running department Room with a VU and the magazine's online television channel "EQtv" - while owner and mastering engineer Garrett Haines' articles have since become a mainstay of the publication, attracting rave reviews from a wide range of readers for his ability to effectively instruct end-users of various skill levels on complex recording, mixing, and mastering techniques."