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Sirius Satellite Radio LoboTreelady Mastering Client the Sugar Free Allstars hit the #1 position on Sirius Satellite Radio's Kids Place Live channel for the second week in a row. The band's hit song, 'Bathtub Boy' has been on the charts for over 3 months, receiving as many as 8 plays per day. The Sugar Free Allstars all-children's CD, Dos Ninos, was recorded in 2007 at Bell Labs Studios in Norman, OK. But with constant touring, the CD began to pick up momentum the following year.Kids Place Live Logo

About the Sugar Free Allstars Imagine that Deep Purple and Sly and the Family Stone had a love child that grew up in New Orleans listening to Ray Charles, Black Sabbath and Booker T. That love child would be the Sugar Free Allstars . Due to their various musical influences and unusual instrumentation, this funky organ/drum duo is tricky to classify. The music is a unique blend of New Orleans funk, Memphis soul and Hammond organ-drenched gospel all wrapped up in a rock and roll package. Add to the mix a touch of pop songwriting sensibilities and a high-energy live show and you've got the Sugar Free Allstars. Sugar Free Allstars have hit the road hard and are expanding their fan base with every show. Calling Oklahoma City home, the band frequents the Central states including the Rocky Mountains. Music from Sugar Free Allstars' second and third studio releases, Dos Machos and Return of Dos Machos , has appeared in episodes of PBS' "Roadtrip Nation" and both albums have spent time on the top 30 radio charts. SFA's most recent release and first kid's album, Dos Ninos , has received favorable reviews by national children's music reviewers such as Warren Truitt of the New York Public Library, Stefan Shepherd of "Zooglobble", and Fred Koch of "Chicago Parent" magazine. The album has also made it into Fids and Kamily's top 15 "Best Music of 2007 for Kids and Families" awards list.The Sugar Free Allstars