Treelady Mastering Client in Performing Songwriter Magazine

Treelady Mastering Client Matt Woods was recently called out by Performing Songwriter Magazine as having one of the 12 best DIY CDs of the year. Even though the project was recorded at home, it was mixed at Shed 55 in Knoxville, TN, and mastered at Treelady Studios. In her "Top 12 DIY Picks" Editor Lee Zimmerman had the following praise for Woods:

"It’s only a matter of time before singer-songwriter Matt Woods finds wider recognition. His second album offers the immediacy and accessibility that major labels generally latch onto. On songs like “My Way,” “Flight to California” and “Lonely Ones,” Woods wades through one emotional tempest after another, garnering powerful, affecting performances that resonate even on first hearing.

Woods matches his commanding vocals with an ace backing band in Plan A. Together they provide the riveting, rock-solid arrangements these tunes call for—whether turning up the heat for a searing rocker or adding just the right touch of nuance to one of Woods’ searing, sad-eyed ballads. It’s that balance between frenzy and finesse that gives these rugged, restless narratives an unequivocal sense of determination and purpose."