Starlight Mints master new CD at Treelady

Barsuk Records recording artists The Starlight Mints are finishing up their new CD with mastering engineer Garrett Haines. The new CD, which will be titled CHANGE REMAINS, was recorded by Allan Vest, and mixed by Trent Bell at Bell Labs Recording Studios in Norman, OK.

The Starlight Mints: Change Remains

While the release date is not firm, Barsuk records Vice President Christopher Possanza indicated the label wanted to make sure it was in stores to support a summer 2009 tour for the Mints. Their full schedule can be found here.

The band's previous CD, DROWATOWN, was also mastered at Treelady Studios. The three year gap between recordings was due to the successful placement of the band's songs in numerous productions, including several Disney animated features, and National Lampoon's feature film, The Rise of Taj.  The band receives critical praise for their unique sound.  NPR notes:  "The Oklahoma-based rock group excels at immaculately crafted songs, but also keeps a truckload of tinsel, chimes and other sparkly trimmings in tow at all times, designing entire houses of sound and then decorating them to the nines."

The Starlight Mints