Treelady Mastering Client Reviewed in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone October 15, 2009 Treelady Mastering client Drummer received a good review in the October 15, 2009 edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.  Drummer, which features the drummers from five independent bands is the side project of The Black Key's Patrick Carney.  Carney, the Black Key's drummer, plays bass on the project.

The Drummer CD, entitled "Feel Good Together" was released in October 2009 by Audio Eagle Records.   In an era with decreasing page counts for all print media, its notable to be reviewed in a prominent title such as Rolling Stone.  The review, which ranked three stars, was positive, noting, ". . .it's the wiry, hyper guitars and weird, snarly keyboards that spark this fatty up".

Feel Good Together is available and CD vendors nationwide, and online.RSdrummer01