Treelady joins Mastered for iTunes Initiative



Treelady Studios’ Garrett Haines has joined the select list of mastering engineers who have been approved to participate in Apple’s Mastered for iTunes project. This list includes mastering engineers who understand the new guidelines, possess the proprietary tools to review the audio, and have adopted best practices for this new iTunes standard. Presently, this list is limited to mastering engineers with major label credits, award-winning projects, or who have participated in the technical discussions surrounding the Mastered for iTunes program.

The Mastered for iTunes initiative allows approved mastering engineers to submit high-resolution files to Apple, instead of a standard-resolution CD. By using the higher resolution file, the resulting iTunes product can sound as good or better than a store-bought CD, according to tests done by Apple.

“This could be a major improvement in fidelity for iTunes users,” explained Haines. “After speaking with Apple’s program director, I am impressed with the level of commitment the company is showing towards improving the quality of the files sold on the iTunes store.”

“While I'm honored to be approved by Apple to added the Mastered for iTunes list, I want to make sure people understand the process,” related Haines. “I’ve seen some studios advertise that they are certified or licensed to Master for iTunes, and that’s not exactly the situation. Presently, Apple keeps a list of approved engineers, and yes, it’s a small list, but I foresee the group expanding rapidly in the future. Apple is concerned that people participating know the rules, follow the best practices, and use the tools to provide the best audio possible. As the program tested and expanded, I'm sure many more studios will join the initiative.”

Clients who are interested in the Mastered for iTunes program, or want to make sure their masters are completed under the new guidelines, should contact the studio for more information.