Treelady Adds Quartet of API Preamplifiers

API 212 Pre Amps installed in Treelady's Sony MXP-3036 Console Treelady Studios recently aquired eight API 212-series preamps for the Sony MXP-3036 console. The modular nature of the console allows users to choose preamplifiers and equalizers from third-party manufacturers such as API, Avalon Designs, Manley Labs, Forssel Designs, and John Hardy. The API preamps were perchased from Sony Classical's studios in Hollywood, and are in top-condition.

Intern Locked in Studio 'Until Job Completed'

Dave Hidek at his workstation. University of Pittsburgh student Dave Hidek volunteered to help with the new patch bay wiring in Treelady's Studio A.  Little did he know the task would take his entire Holiday Break.  While his classmates were at parties, hitting beaches in Florida, or achieving high scores on XBox games, Dave was soldering over 384 channels of quad star cable and punching down patch bays.

"The owner just put the new Snow Patrol CD on repeat and told me to get started.  Most of the time they fed me, but I had no idea I would be here for weeks on end," said Hidek, who was allowed bathroom breaks and the chance to stand up and stretch his legs every "two or three hours."

Treelady Management was not available for comment.

Treelady Takes Delivery of Large Format Sony Console

Treelady Studios has taken delivery of a Sony MXP-3036 large format recording console. The console was shipped from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where it had been the centerpiece of the studio owned by the VIOLENT FEMMES.

The Sony MXP-3000 console is an inline console. The frame is exceptionally rigid and supports user interchangeable, application specific modules. Operation convenience and sonic performance were two major design criteria.

The MXP-3000 is probably the quietest console ever built in its size range. It's use of– SONY MXP-3000 Series -

* Oxygen free copper wiring * All good circuit connections * Five (5) equalizer modules (two additional from third parties) * Four (4) Sony mic preamps (two additional from third parties). * Three (3) metering systems * Two (2) levels of automation. (plus JL Cooper, Flying Faders, GML and Uptown automation) * Transformered or transformerless I/O modules * "Wild" automated stereo faders * Two (2) communications modules

The desk was installed by Randy Blevins of Blevins Audio, Nashville, Tennessee.

Analog Wizard Bigham Visits Treelady

ATR Services' Andrew Bigham visited Treelady's new facility for a brief tour and service call. Bigham, who is one of the nation's most experienced ATR service technicians, spent the afternoon with Chief Mastering Engineer Garrett Haines. The pair worked on Treelady's ATR-104, which is a four track version of the venerable ATR-102. The 104 is capable of recording and playback of 1, 2, and 4-track recordings done on 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch analog tape. Garrett Haines and Andrew Bigham align the ATR-104

Treelady Takes Delivery of SADiE System

SADiE 5 Logo Treelady Mastering recently took delivery of a brand-new SADiE Series 5 PCM-8 Mastering Editor. In addition to the features included in the Series 5 software, SADiE is the only platform capable of running the world-acclaimed CEDAR bundle of sound restoration tools. Appropriately, Treelady added several CEDAR applications to the system, including DeClick, DeThump, and DeCrackle. For more information, see the main SADiE website.