Treelady Client Somerhill Releases New Pair

Free Your Mind (Tara Na)’ and ‘Today or Tomorrow’ now available. On December 14, 2008, Core Media House L.L.C. released Free Your Mind (Tara Na), a new song performed by Somerhill . Core Media House released a second new Somerhill song, Today or Tomorrow, on December 28, 2008. Free Your Mind (Tara Na) and Today or Tomorrow are available on the Internet at

Click here to listen to a low-fidelity clip of Free Your Mind (Tara Na). Click here to listen to a low-fidelity clip of Today or Tomorrow.

Somerhill is

  • Chad Gontkovic: lead vocal; backing vocals; electric guitar
  • Greg Kehl: backing vocals; electric rhythm guitar; electric guitar solo; synthesizer strings; synthesizer electric grand piano
  • Bill Rose: backing vocals; six-string and twelve-string acoustic steel guitars

With Somerhill were:

Charles Constantino: electric bass guitar; acoustic nylon guitar; acoustic drum kit; synthesizer piano solo; synthesizer electric pianos; synthesizer shaker/triangle and other performers.

Producer Charles Constantino reviews the drum mic set up during the Somerhill tracking sessions.

About Somerhill: Winner of the 2006 Rockin’ in the Valley original music contest held by Our Town, Somerhill was the closing act for American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry in March 2007 in Pittsburgh.   Greg Kehl noted that Charles Constantino, “showed us how to turn our basic riffs and melodies into layers and layers of beautiful sounds. It was fun to see someone with so much knowledge of music in his element while we were in pre-production and in the studio.” “He’s just a musical genius,” Bill Rose said of Constantino in an interview for Our Town. According to Rose, Constantino added “multiple harmonies, different back-up vocals, different types of singing, and different instruments that we hadn’t even considered.” “The determination of Somerhill to evolve as musicians and songwriters impressed me. I enjoyed my time with the group,” Constantino stated.

Haines Moderates Pre-Mastering Panel at Tape Op Con

Before the audience arrives: (L to R) Sarah Register, Garrett Haines, Trevor Sadler, Joe Lambert (standing), a hotel staff member. Treelady Owner Garrett Haines moderated a panel at the 4th Annual Tape Op Conference in New Orleans. In Preparing Your Mixes for Mastering, Haines and company guided the audience through tips and hints for helping get ready for mastering. Also appearing on the panel are top-name mastering engineers such as Trevor Sadler, Sarah Register, Jeff Lipton, and Joe Lambert. For more information please visit

(L to R) Sarah Register, Garrett Haines, Trevor Sadler, Jeff Lipton, Joe Lambert (out of frame)

Treelady Hosts Monitor Shoot Out

Treelady Studios Chief Tracking Engineer Mike Fischer recently conducted a multi-brand near field monitor shoot out for Tracking Room A. Represented in the line up included models form JBL, Quested, ADAM, Samson, and Mackie. All models were self-powered, however both traditional and ribbon-based tweeter designs were represented. "Its pretty crazy how different some of these models sound from one another," noted Zach Pruchnal, one of the members of the listening panel.

Monitors from JBL, Quested, ADAM, Sampson, and Mackie crowd the console bridge in Studio A.

Norman Connors to Produce at Treelady Studios

Legendary R&B production Norman Connors has agreed to terms that will bring him to Treelady Studios for as many as two projects this year. Both albums feature well-known local singers. The first project features Patty Terrel, and will begin production in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Sheena B, another local vocalist could be working on a new album with Mr. Connors at the helm. Norman Connors has a long and respected career as a musician, producer, and song writer. The former Vice President of Motowconnors3n Records, Mr. Connors has been credited with discovering Phyllis Hymann, as well as many other smooth R&B singers. His hit single, "You Are My Starship" is still in rotation on radio stations and satellite radio. Born in Philadelphia, PA, Mr. Connors is a drummer by birth. While in middle school, young Connors sat in for Elvin Jones at a John Coltrane concert. He later went on to study music at the prestigious Julliard Academy as well as at Temple University.