Treelady Mastering Takes Delivery of Neve Masterpiece

masterpiece2stock Treelady Mastering recently took delivery of a Masterpiece Analog Mastering System, a world-class device that evolved from the concept by Billy Stull to the design by Mr. Rupert Neve. Produced by Legendary Audio, the masterpiece reflects Mr. Neve's most refined designs in the realms of equalization, compression, transformers, filters, and many other areas. Special features include genuine 1073 transformers, a miniature 2-track tape record/play head system, and transformers from the legendary George Martin Air Montserrat console. With only about 40 units installed world-wide, having a Masterpiece is truly a crown jewel in any mastering rig.

Treelady Mastering Client in Billboard Top 10

Northern Blues Recording Artists Watermelon Slim and the Workers' new CD, THE WHEELMAN, has been in Billboard Music's TOP TEN Blues CDs for two weeks running. The CD, which was recorded and mixed at Bell Labs Recording Studio by Trent Bell (Flaming Lips, Starlight Mints, Chainsaw Kittens, Stardeath and the White Dwarf), was mastered at Treelady Studios by Chief Mastering Engineer Garrett Haines. charts showing Watermelon Slim's rankings.

Treelady Mastering Earns Two Grammy Ballot Entries

Two Treelady Mastering clients will be on the ballot for the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. In the category for Best Contemporary Blues Album is Watermelon Slim and the Worker's release 'The Wheelman.' (Northern Blues Records) Meanwhile, the Norman Oklahoma-based blues rock group The Rounders earned Grammy ballot consideration for Best New Artist with the release of their CD, 'Wish I Had You'. (Blind Pig Records). Both CDs were recorded and mixed by Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens, Flaming Lips, Starlight Mints), owner of Bell Labs Studios in Norman, OK. grammy50thlogo2