Treelady Client Somerhill Releases New Pair

Free Your Mind (Tara Na)’ and ‘Today or Tomorrow’ now available. On December 14, 2008, Core Media House L.L.C. released Free Your Mind (Tara Na), a new song performed by Somerhill . Core Media House released a second new Somerhill song, Today or Tomorrow, on December 28, 2008. Free Your Mind (Tara Na) and Today or Tomorrow are available on the Internet at

Click here to listen to a low-fidelity clip of Free Your Mind (Tara Na). Click here to listen to a low-fidelity clip of Today or Tomorrow.

Somerhill is

  • Chad Gontkovic: lead vocal; backing vocals; electric guitar
  • Greg Kehl: backing vocals; electric rhythm guitar; electric guitar solo; synthesizer strings; synthesizer electric grand piano
  • Bill Rose: backing vocals; six-string and twelve-string acoustic steel guitars

With Somerhill were:

Charles Constantino: electric bass guitar; acoustic nylon guitar; acoustic drum kit; synthesizer piano solo; synthesizer electric pianos; synthesizer shaker/triangle and other performers.

Producer Charles Constantino reviews the drum mic set up during the Somerhill tracking sessions.

About Somerhill: Winner of the 2006 Rockin’ in the Valley original music contest held by Our Town, Somerhill was the closing act for American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry in March 2007 in Pittsburgh.   Greg Kehl noted that Charles Constantino, “showed us how to turn our basic riffs and melodies into layers and layers of beautiful sounds. It was fun to see someone with so much knowledge of music in his element while we were in pre-production and in the studio.” “He’s just a musical genius,” Bill Rose said of Constantino in an interview for Our Town. According to Rose, Constantino added “multiple harmonies, different back-up vocals, different types of singing, and different instruments that we hadn’t even considered.” “The determination of Somerhill to evolve as musicians and songwriters impressed me. I enjoyed my time with the group,” Constantino stated.

Treelady Records Discovery Channel Segment

On Monday, November 10, 2008, Treelady Studios engineer Kyle Smith recorded noted author John Ventre for an upcoming Discovery Channel special. The show, scheduled to debut in 2008, is titled: UFO's OVER EARTH, and focuses on the UFO phenomenon, as well as hoaxes and the unexplained . Ventre, a native of Greensburg, PA is the author of 2/21/2012: A Prophecy, available on Amazon. Treelady was retained by Creative Differences, a Los Angeles-based television production company responsible for the program.


Treelady Mastering Client #1 on Sirius

Sirius Satellite Radio LoboTreelady Mastering Client the Sugar Free Allstars hit the #1 position on Sirius Satellite Radio's Kids Place Live channel for the second week in a row. The band's hit song, 'Bathtub Boy' has been on the charts for over 3 months, receiving as many as 8 plays per day. The Sugar Free Allstars all-children's CD, Dos Ninos, was recorded in 2007 at Bell Labs Studios in Norman, OK. But with constant touring, the CD began to pick up momentum the following year.Kids Place Live Logo

About the Sugar Free Allstars Imagine that Deep Purple and Sly and the Family Stone had a love child that grew up in New Orleans listening to Ray Charles, Black Sabbath and Booker T. That love child would be the Sugar Free Allstars . Due to their various musical influences and unusual instrumentation, this funky organ/drum duo is tricky to classify. The music is a unique blend of New Orleans funk, Memphis soul and Hammond organ-drenched gospel all wrapped up in a rock and roll package. Add to the mix a touch of pop songwriting sensibilities and a high-energy live show and you've got the Sugar Free Allstars. Sugar Free Allstars have hit the road hard and are expanding their fan base with every show. Calling Oklahoma City home, the band frequents the Central states including the Rocky Mountains. Music from Sugar Free Allstars' second and third studio releases, Dos Machos and Return of Dos Machos , has appeared in episodes of PBS' "Roadtrip Nation" and both albums have spent time on the top 30 radio charts. SFA's most recent release and first kid's album, Dos Ninos , has received favorable reviews by national children's music reviewers such as Warren Truitt of the New York Public Library, Stefan Shepherd of "Zooglobble", and Fred Koch of "Chicago Parent" magazine. The album has also made it into Fids and Kamily's top 15 "Best Music of 2007 for Kids and Families" awards list.The Sugar Free Allstars

Dressy Bessy masters new CD at Treelady Studios

Colorado indie rock band Dressy Bessy mastered their new CD, entitled 'HOLLERandSTOMP' at Treelady Studios with chief mastering engineer Garrett Haines. The band recently finished mixing with Trent Bell, of Bell Labs Studios in Norman, OK. Dressy Bessy is headed by front woman Tammy Ealom and guitarist John Hill (who also plays with The Apples in Stereo). Dressy Bessy plans a North American tour to support the CD.Tammy Ealom and John Hill of Dressy Bessy In addition to an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brian, Dressy Bessy made a national splash when two of their songs "If You Should Try to Kiss Her" and "Just Like Henry" were featured in the 1999 indie film But I'm A Cheerleader.

HOLLERandSTOMP is presented by Transdreamer Records, and hits stores on September 16, 2008. HOLLARandSTOP CD

Treelady Scores 2 Ballot Entries for 51st Grammy Awards

Two Treelady Studios clients have made it to the Grammy ballot rounds. In the CONTEMPORARY BLUES Category for Best Album is Watermelon Slim and the Workers 2008 CD 'No Paid Holidays,' which was mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios from tracks recorded and mixed by Trent Bell at Bell Labs Studios in Norman, OK. Also on the Ballot for BEST NEW ARTIST is Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalifa, who mastered his debut CD 'Show And Prove' at Treelady Studios. grammydotcom-logo1

Haines joins Massenburg on Grammy Panel at PotLuck Con 2008

The Producers & Engineers Wing joined forces with the Memphis Chapter in New Orleans to sponsor four panels at the inaugural PotLuckCon (formerly Tape Op Con), a gathering of people "passionate about signals, sounds, music and recordings." John Spencer, Glenn Lorbecki, Konrad Strauss, Tardon Feathered, Garret Haines and George Massenburg at PotLuckCon

"Protecting Your Assets — Archiving For The Future," part of the P&E Wing's continuing series spotlighting the future of digital media/metadata archiving protocol, was moderated by P&E Wing Co-Chairman Glenn Lorbecki. The panelists were Tardon Feathered, owner, Mr. Toads Recording; Garrett Haines, owner, TreeLady Studios; George Massenburg, GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer; John Spencer, president, BMS/Chace; and Konrad Strauss, chair and director of recording arts, Indiana University.