Virtually every. Single. Recording you will compete against has been polished by a professional mastering engineer.   Welcome!  You've come to the right place.  Treelady Studios is a world-class facility devoted to CD, digital, vinyl, and Mastered for iTunes mastering.  With thousands of projects completed, including one Grammy Winning Project, and several Billboard ranked releases, we offer a blend of experience, perspective, and equipment to put the finishing touches on your recording.  Mastering is all we do.  We optimize records from across the globe covering an expanse of styles and genres.


As of August 2018, our new location is 1256 Franklin Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15221.  We are now mastering only.  

All recording-oriented inquiries can be directed to Dana Cannone at and to Dave Hidek at

Our History

Treelady Studios has worked on thousands of projects since 1999, with one Grammy win in 2005 and multiple Billboard charters.

Our Clients range from individual songwriters to: national bands, corporations, higher education institutions, to private collectors. We have clients from across the U.S. and spanning six continents (Antartica you're next!). For more information, please contact us.

We want you to be comfortable in the recording studio. Don't hesitate to contact us about a tour of our facilities.